observational painting


Landscapes | A Change of Seasons

In the winter I watch the light and shadow from afar, often looking out the window to note the changing day in paint.

In the summer, my body and paints move to the outdoors where I carefully study the same light and shadow. The warmth brings the birds, bees, and other people, all of whom become a part of my observations. 

Last summer, I often stood at the corner of 4th and Taylor in Nashville, scanning the world around me until my eyes found the spot that felt right. I painted rooftops, overlapping buildings, old smokestacks, and foliage whose growth I could track through dabs of watercolor and gouache paint.


I am in the north now and it is not quite summer. The light and shadow here is still a stranger to me and I don't know how the trees grow but things are beginning to claim their forms in tiny dabs of paint.